Buying Guide

Which Swegway to buy – Comparison Guide

So, you are looking to purchase a EvoBoards Swegway Hoverboard, but you are not sure which size to buy. You have seen most of your friends on the 6.5 classic, but maybe you are looking for something to outperform their board, or just something different.

EvoBoards 6.5 Maverick Swegway Hoverboard

The 6.5Swegway has solid rubber tyres and is best suited to indoor use or outdoor use over smooth surfaces such as tarmac or concrete. It is light and agile, weighing in at only 10kg and is the most common and best value board currently on the market. Great for everyday use. Its compact size and weight makes it accessible and portable.

EvoBoards 6.5 Classic range is available in: Red White Black Pink Green Purple Brown Gold Blue

EvoBoards 8Bluetooth Swegway Hoverboard

The 8Hoverboard is better outdoors over rougher terrain due to the larger wheel diameter. It has a higher ground clearance and also benefits from Bluetooth (depending on model).

EvoBoards 8range is available in: Blue Red White Black

EvoBoards 10Swegway Hoverboard

The 10” Swegway is the ultimate off-road beast. It has great ground clearance. This is suited to both indoors and outdoors and will give the driver a comfortable ride and experience.

EvoBoards 10 range is available in: Flame, Graffiti, Splash, Carbon patterns and Solid Black